A window into my educational & professional journey

I chose to study public policy at Occidental College to help me understand how to drive politics, policies, and investments in affordable housing, economic opportunities, and education through organized people and community power building. I coupled this initial training with more technical tools and public affairs by earning a Masters degree in Public Affairs and Urban & Regional Planning at Princeton University. But, why don’t I share the Cliff notes version of my journey to date?

  • B.A in Public Policy (Occidental College) and MPA in Public Affairs and Urban & Regional Planning (Princeton University).
  • Leadership Fellow, Coro of Southern California.
  • Redevelopment Analyst, Rosenow Spevacek Group.
  • Five years in local government as City Management Fellow, Housing Development Specialist, and Community Coordinator at the City of San Jose, California.
  • Legislative analysis for then-US Congressman Michael Honda in D.C.
  • Presidential campaign organizing in Nevada for 2012 Obama re-election.
  • Public affairs, editorial ghost writing, program development & management, community & civic engagement and power building for climate justice and clean energy.

For a more detailed overview, I invite you to check out my Linkedin page.

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